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This bridge is a 4.62 Km long rail bridge at in Kochi, India, the bridge has two different types of beams.Our DJ Series Beam Erector can handle various types of precast beams without modification. This is one of the important features that enhances its reuse value.

The Kochi bridge not only created a record of longest railway bridge constructed in India but also the bridge constructed in shortest time period (less than 30 months) at that time. The speedy construction could mainly be attributed to the deployment of latest equipment into the project by Afcons. The highly sophisticated beam launcher equipment supplyied by Handan China Railway Bridge Machinery, which is used for launching the pre-cast superstructure (concrete beams) has been specially designed and imported for this project and is capable of launching 12 spans in a month which equals to 600mts length of the bridge. 




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Tel: +603 6732 6300


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